Sitting and waiting for TIME.  Seconds go by, then minutes and then hours. I blink and 15 days gone. I blink again and 5 years are gone.  

I remember when I was sixteen, what a glorious time. I was ready to start my time, heading into adulthood soon.  I blink and WOW 21 years of age. 21, the age where I can now go and buy liquor and drink at the bar. It’s my turn to start fights to find love just to lose love again.  21 to drink officially, I have already been drinking since I was twelve.  Sitting and waiting for TIME.

Sitting and waiting for TIME.  Marriage for almost ten years now since turning 21 years of age. A married man with 3 wonderful children.  30 years old and no EDUCATION, no JOB and not a single dollar in my pocket. My beautiful wife wants a divorce..Sitting and waiting for TIME…

It is really true I am celebrating my birthday.  I am getting funny greeting cards. There are black balloons hanging in my friend’s house.  There are signs in the house that read HAPPY FIFTY YEARS OLD.  what? 50.  My birthday is at my friend’s house cuz I basically live out on the CURB.  I have a new job again. I work at the supermarket as a box boy.  My nerves are shot and it’s the only job I can hold.  My father’s brother is the owner.  I haven’t seen my children or my wife who is now my ex-wife. Sitting and waiting for TIME

Sitting and waiting for change.  How could this happen to me?  Where was I when I was just sitting and waiting for TIME…to CHANGE.  God Bless, my friends..

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