It is seven thirty and I am 5 years old sitting with my siblings at the dinner table each of us strolling through our own Sears Roebuck catalog and dreaming of the toys we would receive for Christmas which was just one month away.  My very first possession.  This toy would be mine, I would let no one touch it or abuse it.  I would soon learn that as I grew older my possessions became more and they were more expensive.  I also notice that some of my possessions were in the form of substance abuse or other fine addictions such as gambling and pornography.  These possessions would be mine and I would cultivate them nurture them until my possessions possess me.  I would be living the high life. I would have a big house, nice car, and a nice boat. People would be envious of my possessions and I would flaunt them in my neighbor’s faces.  They would know that these were MINE.

Although my climb to having an abundance of possessions was cluttered with roadblocks I managed because it was all that I wanted.  Having gone through two divorces and losing my children so that my wives could raise them was those roadblocks that I  just didn’t need.  They certainly enjoyed my possessions as much as I did.  Well, maybe not to the full extent that I did anyhow.  People noticed my abundant wealth and my close friends and love ones notice my increasing interest in my addictions. My life was now spiraling out of control. Soon I would have nothing.  All my possessions would be gone soon.  My children now adults did not want anything to do with me.  I saw less and fewer women in my life and my addictions became my lovers.  What have I done?  I have become my possessions, and for what to have enjoyment?  No, the answer was PRIDE.

I am sure all have noticed that when we were born into this world we were NAKED.  We showed up without POSSESSIONS.  When we leave this world and go home to God we shall leave without POSSESSIONS.  Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have possessions. It is not wrong to have nice things around us.We should possess LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, PATIENCE, TOLERANCE, AND LOVE OF GOD.  These possessions we can take home when we return to that God that gave us life.  God Bless my friends.  If you need help with life’s problems or if addiction is pulling you down then give HEAVENLY SOLUTIONS COACH  a call or like us on Facebook or call us at 479.322.8278 or 479.252.8981.  BE AT PEACE WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOURSELF GET BETTER AND MAKE WISER CHOICES.

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