My dearest friends, I do pray all is well with you and your families.  When I was checking my online presence on Facebook this evening I notice there were several brand names, companies and people all asking to click the FOLLOWING button.  Since my computer experience is considered NOVICE, I investigated and found that when I click the FOLLOWING button I instantly became part of their inner circle.  It also meant that they could crowd my facebook timeline with all kinds of garbage that I wasn’t aware they could do.  I was receiving notices to go on nude online dating sites and asked if I do drugs and what kinds and then the endless porn and filthy cartoons.  I was so overwhelmed I had to delete seeing this on my timeline but it came back stronger, my friends started asking me questions about my behavior. Finally, the answer was clicked the BLOCK button. My friends, relate this to Addiction and it doesn’t matter what kind of addiction. Instead of protecting ourselves from the dangers of addiction while out and about in the community, do we subconsciously click the FOLLOWING button and then find that the addiction would come back even stronger. ATTITUDE is the key to avoiding the dangers and pitfalls of addiction followings.  The mind is very strong. I tend to think it is stronger than the tongue. Imagine for a minute to yourselves what if I told myself sincerely, out loud or quietly, today I don’t want to do this addiction whatever it might be and then do this every fifteen minutes talking to your brain and then see what the next day brought after a good nights sleep. Remembering to use conviction and determination to subdue the mind. My friends, you don’t have to wonder what would happen because I can tell you straight up there would be a change in your ATTITUDE towards the addiction. Now imagine if you did this every day for 90 days. Can you see yourself, addiction free, and the best part you noticed it sneaks up quietly and sincerely you have conquered your addiction? Not cured, conquered. You think to yourself WOW how about I talk to my brain and keep my ATTITUDE high, then set out for another 90 days.  WOW, 6 months.  Now imagine having an ADDICTION COACH helping you throughout the whole 180 days. Having someone you can call or have someone finally on your side.  We at HEAVENLY SOLUTIONS COACH can help you recover from addictions of all types. Like us on Facebook and receive 10% off your first visit and get valuable coupons for upcoming visits.  Now is the time my friends to take charge of your lives, make your family stable again. FREEDOM AT LAST. God Bless my friends.


My friends welcome to my BLOG. This post will be one of thousand. I will include the different businesses I own, or that I subcontract through.  I have been very blessed lately to run into gold mines of opportunities.  I am very pleased to be subcontracting with a fantastic Company that has years of loyalty behind it.  Those of you who know me, know that I only deal honestly.  I know this is not a scam or a company that just wants my money then leaves me high and dry.  Allow me to chat about the benefits. 24-hour roadside assistance.  Dental, Health benefits available. Discounts at restaurants, motels, and lodging.  There are Benefits for Professional Truck Drivers.  How about a Company that will be your lawyer when you are overweight at the scales or other infractions.  I know of no other Company that would do this for you at such a low monthly rate. Now I want to mention one more wonderful item about this Company.  Becoming an associate like myself. DOES TURING $40 into $500 EVERY WEEK, sound interesting to you.  I post small ads that they provide and they pay me in direct deposit every Friday.  My friends if this sounds like something you should look into then ClICK the LINK and then message me so you can be on my team. What yes, you will be on my team and I will show you if you are willing to learn how to make money every Friday. https://tvcm.co/!JBT69